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Knight in miniature I

par Andrea Press

Réf. : DAND06

ISBN: 978-8493437756

Nombre de pages : 60

Format : 21,5 x 28 cm

Date de parution : 1 avr. 2006

Description :

Detailed modelling guide for painting early Medieval knights in miniature The era of the knight evolved gradually. The term "knight" originates from the Anglo-Saxon name for a boy: "cniht". Indeed, most early knights were not much more than hired "boys" who performed military service and took oaths of loyalty to any well-to-do nobleman or warlord offering the most promise of money or war booty. Yet in the chaos of post-Roman Western Europe, the population had very little government protection from brigands and mercenaries. Wealthy lords gathered around them young, fighting-fit men to fend off rebellious vassals or conquering neighbours. These men, in turn, were rewarded with money, arms, food and armour for their service and loyalty. The era of the medieval knight had begun. This book has over 260 photographs of knights in miniature and provides a detailed reference guide for all modellers interested in painting this period. Through the 13 chapters, you will learn to paint figures, horses, armour, heraldry, and all other Knight-related aspects.

Knight in miniature I

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